BOOBS Cracked

I am sure most of you have heard of the website, that offers hilarious takes as to why things are popular and of course one of their topics is BOOBs.

I will not take any credit for the funny insight the writers of Cracked reveal about boobs- I will simply copy it here and provide the link for the source.

“Just the Facts:

  1. Boobs can either a) help you get a job/promoted or b) make the workplace more tolerable for the rest of us.
  2. Boobs are often successfully used in place of a coherent plot or acting in movies to create a great film.
  3. The power of boobs should not be underestimated!

From the Dawn of Time, boobs have been shaping history – destroying careers, crippling world powers. Many men have been nearly destroyed by these orbs of power:
And here’s a PG-13 tour of the reasons why:

1. The Side Boob

2.  The Underboob

3. Cleavage”
Read more:

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